About Table of Hope

Our Story

Table of Hope began in the fall of 2020. As with any new entity, the pantry wanted to provide services that best worked for our clients. Covid also impacted how we could interact with our clients. As Covid cases decreased, the pantry opened their doors inviting clients inside. We had opportunities to listen to our clients to better understand their needs and pray with them. Over the past 3 years, we have seen exponential growth.


Table of Hope is a 501(C)(3) public charity.  The pantry offers food support and assistance to clients throughout our neighboring communities.   Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our food pantry also delivered food to quarantined families and to seniors unable to drive to receive food during pantry hours.


The pantry provides assistance to anyone in need and does not limit the frequency clients may return. Clients do not need to show an ID or any documentation in order to receive assistance. We serve a variety of clients: single parents, elderly, disabled, veterans, homeless. Our desire is to provide assistance to anyone in need without question.


To provide these services, we rely on food drives and donations to be able to meet the community needs. Any additional food is purchased by the pantry.


Our Mission

We give hope to the people of Southwest Weld county by providing food and the love of Jesus.